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Application called for Investigative Video Journalism Program

Investigative journalism is taking its ground with social media platforms becoming increasingly popular among the people in Sri Lanka. Several online news websites and news castings sites have begun various web-based experimentations in achieving ‘fairness’ in their journalism. One of the recent developments, is that several civil society organizations that are predominantly using media tools have also started producing journalistic content. In the case of North and East, several villages have their own websites.


With reference to the above context, Sri Lanka Development Journalist Forum announces its Investigative Video Journalism Training Program (IVJTP) enabling young journalists – girls and boys, who have already been working in the media or are to begin their career as video journalists to learn innovative investigative journalism skills using video as potential medium.

Under IVJTP program, selected journalists will receive 10 days of professional training on investigative video journalism skills. Subsequently, SDJF will provide field experience for the selected participants to produce 10 investigative video stories on selected key issues. Later, with the support of a relevant line Ministry, investigative video stories will be launched in Colombo and disseminated through social media in exploring possible solutions.


Young journalists who are interested in learning investigative video journalism can apply to be eligible for the programs. For selected participants course will be offered free of charge. The participants will be selected based on their Mission, Sector interest, Sector qualification, and Pre experiences.

Deadline for the application is 16/05/2017. Applications should be sent via Telephone inquiries will not be entertained.


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