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Big Picture – Photography Competition 2017

Sri Lanka Development Journalists Forum (SDJF) is pleased to announce a photography competition as part of its IMAGE program, among the young photographers in Sri Lanka. The IMAGE project was implemented by SDJF to capacitate emerging photographers on gender sensitive approach to modern photography.  This competition opens for all.


The theme of the competition is “Rural Women in Unconventional Settings”.


The idea behind the competition is to encourage photographers to use gender sensitive approach to capture unconventional and multiple roles played by rural women. SDJF believes this competition will be a platform to create critical dialogue amongst the young photographers’ effectiveness of photography in bringing out the potential of rural women in supporting them, their families and the nation.


  1. A photographer should submit minimum 05 photos.
  2. All the five photographs should reflect the competition theme.
  3. Minimum size of each photograph is 05MB.
  4. Photos either artificially produced or edited with the photo editing software will be rejected.
  5. Photos taken before 2017 will be rejected from the selection.

How to submit

  1. Entries should be submitted by email to
  2. All the entries must be labeled with the entrant’s name, location of the photographand image files must be not less than 5MB.
  3. Entrants should include their own name, address and telephone number. We regret that we are unable to accept postal entries.


05/05/2017. This date will not be extended.


LKR 20,000 and certificate will be awarded for the entrant who submitted the best five photographs. Awarding will be held as part of the second National Youth Video Summit – 2017 to be held in July in Colombo.

More details

Sri Lanka Development Journalists Forum
623, Rajagiriya Garden, Nawala Road, Rajagiriya.
Phone: 0117209511 / 0776653694


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