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Gender sensitive approach to photography

Not surprising – It was the first time 25 young photographers heard the term called ‘gender sensitive approach’ to photography. Many of them are young journalists entering into the social media sphere, and some are working for the mainstream media and civil society organizations that are predominantly using media tools. Some of them were already exposed to various short term training on gender equality, but they have not contextualized their knowledge of photography.


The four-day professional training programs titled ‘gender sensitive photographic skills’ helped them immensely to understand the power of photography in capturing rural women in unconventional settings. Not only did they learn photographic theory and practice but also acquired knowledge on gender sensitive indicators to photography.

Mohammed Fazlan, who is working for News First noted that many people can capture women but only limited people can capture the real potential of women. Stereotype is something we inherently carry with us through our socialization. The training offered by Sri Lanka Development Journalist Forum helped us discover our personal prejudice too. Now I am very confident that my photographs will discover hidden talents of women, their multiple roles and their potential to support the whole society.


Indunil Usgoda Arachchi, a freelance journalist working for Ravaya observed that being a journalist I have been taking pictures and writing articles but this training helped me to learn a gender sensitive approach to photography.

The training was conducted by a professional photography trainer Shanta Gunaratne. While conducting the training session, he issued copies of the code of conduct for photographers produced by Sri Lankan Photographers Association.




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