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Nadum Veedum

Naadum Veedum is a collection of audio stories produced by SDJF for Viluthu Resource Centre, in order to create awareness in about key democratic values that matter in Civil Societies participating in the process of democratization and reconciliation.

01. 13th Amendment Law Const. of SL

02. 17th Amendment Law of Const. of SL

03. Amendment Law of Domestic Violence

04. Complete Education

05. Democracy and Political Party

06. Domestic Violence

07.Ethnicity and Politics


09.Important Of Women Participation in Politics

10.Land and Land Rights


12.Movement of Self- respect and Periyar

13.National ethnic

14.National Governments

15.Parents and Concerns of Children in Love

16.Parents and Education of Children

17.Participating in Public Events and Meeting

18.Prepare us to be activist For Social Change

19.Prevention Act of Terrorism and Emergency

20.Right to get Information

21.Right to Vote


23.Sharing the Authorization and National Liberation Struggle

24.Skills to be developed from Social Activist

25.Social Accountability

26.Sri Lanka Constitution Of 1978

27.Teachers Who Provide Complete Education and the Schools They Teach


29.UN Security Proposals of 1325 and 1820

30.We and Education

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