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SDJF partnered with IWPR and PGIA to capacitate midcareer journalists on Investigative Video Journalism

“Journalism sector needs strong academic ties in order to achieve maximum potential for media to support inclusive development in Sri Lanka” says Prof. S. Samita, Director, Postgraduate Institute of Agriculture (PGIA).

He attended the launching ceremony held at PGIA on the 30th June 2017 for Investigative Video Journalism Project being implemented by Sri Lanka Development Journalist Forum (SDJF) with the support of the Institute for War and Peace Reporting (IWPR).


Media has a great role to play to make sure the dividends of the development programs reach the people equally without any discrimination. The concept of Investigative Video Journalism sounds a novel approach to capacitate midcareer journalists to address issues affecting people. We are happy to have been invited as a strategic partner once again by SDJF for this timely intervention – noted Prof. S. Samita.

This is the first time we are applying principles of Investigative Journalism in the context of Investigative Journalism. We are hoping to capacitate selected midcareer journalists to learn the use of data, Right to Information Act, and Digital Tools to produce effective investigative stories noted M.C. Rasmin, CEO/ Director of SDJF.

Investigative Video Storytelling (IVS) project aims to capacitate 25 young mid-career journalists across the country to use IVS as a potential mean to address issues affecting inclusive development.


The residential workshop series will run for 10 days covering two weekends, starting with the theory of Investigative Journalism. Expert trainers are to be invited to conducted these trainings.

The Inauguration commenced with the showcasing of photographs captured under the IMAGE project, implemented by SDJF. SDJF also launched a national photography competition on the theme of capturing women in unconventional setting and selected 25 pictures submitted by 10 photographers. Photos will be available in SDJF social media soon.


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