Internship and Volunteering

Internship at SDJF
There are two types of internship opportunities available at SDJF. The first is designed with the view of supporting the both local and international Interns those who are keen on gaining exposure in working with civil society, engaging youth, rural media productions, gender and media and religious pluralism. The second type of internship is developed to support interns to gain short term working experience in order to gain more skills on different areas such as project development and management, organizational communication, content management, local and international media relation and in-house media production.
Usually, the duration of the internship can be a minimum of one month and a maximum six months and possible extension. SDJF has a mechanism to evaluating the effectiveness of internship and to offer certificates. Interns can work on specific project and earn credit for their university or higher educational institution. Interested Interns can using the application attached, along with their CV. Selections will be made after an interview with the applicant.

Volunteering at SDJF
SDJF is highly committed to making volunteering a positive, engaging and learning experience. We treasure and highly value the contribution of volunteers in supporting SDJF to reach our goals and strategic objectives. SDJF expects contributions from volunteers in organizing events, establishing networks, logistic services, implementations of activities, and remote work such as, writing, editing, and research and out-reach. There are a variety of opportunities available at SDJF for the volunteers to meet our partners, supporting organizations, and to participate in field works and get connected to networks.

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