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Management Staff

‘Management staff’ is the responsible body for all the internal operations of SDJF, which comprises three officers, currently.

M.C. Rasmin

CEO/Director, SDJF

Mr. M C Rasmin joined Sri Lanka Development Journalist Forum (SDJF) as the Chief Executive Officer & Director in 2009, hold master degree in developmental communication at the university of peradeniya (PGIA). Most recently, he joined Internews Sri Lanka, as a radio drama coordinator/ Producer. Prior to that, Rasmin was a media coordinator of ICT Agency of Sri Lanka and he coordinated most of the ICTA communication initiatives. As a journalist he had carried different role for various media organizations. From 1998 he holds different positions such as radio presenter, news reader, cricket commentator, and drama artiste at SLBC. He written and produced over 200 radio plays for SLBC.

At the same year, he joined express news paper limited as a sub editor. Rasmin has written over five serial stories for Express News Paper Limited and longest one was continuously published for 52 weeks. From 1999 to 2000 he was a sub editor to the IDI and Tamilkesary pulished by MAP. He received the National Award for novel and short story writing from the Centre For Child And Youth Development. Rasmin has also written nine literary publications. For the first time in Tamil, he published a book on “The Role of Community Radio in Empowering Rural Communities”.

After 2007, he extended his reading and has done number of researches on broadcasting linguistic, broadcasting and development, developmental communications, gender and media, role of the media in fostering the values of pluralism and diversity, and radio drama. Few of them were presented in various international conferences held in India and Malaysia.

Mr. Sampath Sri Warnakula

Senior Project Officer- Research and M & E, SDJF

Sampath Sri is a Master of Science Degree holder in Organizational Management from University of Peradeniya. He completed his B.Sc. honors degree in Agriculture and specialized in Agricultural Extension. Prior to join with SDJF, he worked at Lanka Logistics & Technologies, IRQUE Project University of Peradeniya, and served as a member in monitoring and evaluation teams for many donor-funded projects. He has the proficient experience in research designing, participatory research methodologies, Monitoring & Evaluation and project management. He is also talented in Audio Visual Media, IT and corporate communications development. Sampath Sri is the founder of CreativePresenters.com, a professional creative design network.

Ms. Sudarshie Hewawasam

Legal Advisor and Project Officer,SDJF

Sudarshie Hewawasam, noted web journalist, graduated from University of Colombo with a Special degree in Sociology. With her exceptional writing skills Sudarshie has spent most of her professional life in and around internet, contributing for some of Sri Lanka’s well established media institutions. Outset of www.sinhalaya.com, the well known Sri Lankan website is among her most challenging efforts in which she was entrusted as the founder editor. Articles which are published by Sudarshie are translated and syndicated to many other web sites. Sudarshie’s pioneering efforts at organizing and presenting online content has subsequently been followed by other large-scale informational projects on the web.

“Su. Hewasawam”, one of the most prolific writers who could touch the hearts of her readers holds a Diploma in Film Technology awarded by the National Film Corporation of Sri Lanka. She has also conducted a series of lectures on how a community’s interest in “Motion Picture” helps to form the national identity and national culture. Sudarshie holds a Diploma in Journalism awarded by the University of Colombo and is completing an MA Degree in Mass Communication at University of Kelaniya. She is also an Attorney at Law who is actively engaged in developing a society which serves “Justice for all”, and is continuing to expand her vision to the widest possible audience.

Part-time Staff

Ms.R.M.Samanamlee Swarnalatha

Project Consultant and Coordinator – Women Media Wink,SDJF

Ms.R.M.Samanamlee Swarnalatha is a programme officer (ICT Intervention) of the Second Gemidiriya Community Development and Livelihood Improvement Project. As a program officer, she is responsible for internal and external strategic Information and Communication Technology plans development, implementation and monitoring. She graduated from the University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka in 2002 and obtained M.Sc in Development Communication and Extension from Postgraduate Institute of Agriculture, University of Peradeniya, Sri Lanka in 2005 and currently reading Master of Arts in Mass communication, University of Kelaniya. She has Twelve years experience on Poverty Alleviation sector in Sri Lanka. She coordinates several community media Pilots in Gemidiriya Project.

Samanmalee is a young community media activist in Sri Lanka, who has presented many research papers for various international conferences. She contributes to SDJF as part –time consultant for its women and media winks and currently involves in the project ‘Women Empowerment in and through the Media’, which comes under the programme area broadcasting for development.

Ms. Priyadarhsanni

Part-time Project Officer,SDJF

Presenters are found across the whole spectrum of broadcasting. Ms. Priyatharshini Ambigaipalan is an announcer of Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation as well as a presenter of Vasantham TV. She has been employed in this electronic media last six years and selected as a nominee for best TV presenter by cultural ministry in 2009. She presents news and documentary programs and sports, music, entertainment, reality and children's shows. After completion of her G.C.E A/L in Colombo Ramanathan Hindu Ladies College she directed her career towards media. During her school days she involved in many activities such as sports, drama, speech etc and won the prizes. Her leadership qualities were developed when she was elected as Games captain and Science union vice president in school. At the same time she has completed Diploma in Computer studies and now she is in final year of Bachelor of Information Technology

From 2002.09.01 to up to date she has employed as an announcer in the Sri Lanka Broadcasting Corporation. During this period she gained experience in presenting the Musical show program, Community program, Magazine program, Sponsored program, Requesting programs and other entertainment programs, Sport programs and news reading. She has a one year (2004) experience in ITN as presenter and four years experience (2004-2009) in the Sri Lanka Rupavahini corporation. Also she has participated as a special announcer for 10th south Asian games in 2006 which is officially media sponsored by Sri Lanka Broad casting corporation and as a Drama artist in Sooriyan FM (ABC network) – 2006/2007. In addition she has employed as Contact Centre Associate – Group Enterprise Contact Management Services at Dialog Telekom for 6 months in 2009.

Six years of media experience helped her to develop excellent communication skills and a clear and attractive voice for broadcasting, confidence, a likeable personality and the ability to create a rapport with an audience, research and interviewing skills, the ability to handle stress and make quick decisions under pressure.

Mr. J.M. Haris

Part-time Project Officer,SDJF

Mohammed Haris holds a Bachelors Degree in Arts specializing Sociology from University of Colombo, Sri Lanka. He has been working as a News Journalist since 2004. Since then, he could get at multiple experiences in electronic media such as news reporting, editing, translating, interviewing and so on. He is also an announcer in Thendral service (a Tamil radio channel of SLBC) since 2008. Being a Tamil news editor, he has a capacity to translate English and Sinhala copies into Tamil and edit according to the Tamil listeners.

Being a reporter, he is able to interview different kind of people such resource persons as politicians, priests, professionals, directors, secretaries, commissioners, envoys and so on. For that, I he developed his language skills in all three languages such as Tamil, Sinhala and English. While he studying at the university, he had acted as a vice president of student union, expressing his leadership skill. In 2005, he had worked as teacher in Wesley College, Colombo.

He is also holding the membership in working journalist association and Muslim media forum.