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SDJF has been an instrument to bringing the voice of the unheard to the mainstream media through various programs. Some of the tools used by SDJF are Radio dramas, Digital storytelling, Story telling, Radio talkshows, Community productions, Participatory videos, Community videos, Forum theatres and audio. We have produced over 500 radio dramas, 130 documentaries and audio programmes. Below are some of the productions shared for the benefit of the general public on various thematic areas.
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Sorgame Endralum

Sorgame Endralum, is a series of radio plays produced by SDJF during the conflict era in Sri Lanka, calling for reconciliation, peace and ethnic harmony. The dramas were developed in a setting where people suffered as a result of ethnic war. The characters are developed based on real world experiences. These dramas were aired through a national radio in Sri Lanka. It looked at the key issues regarding health, gender, environment and climate.

Episode 01

Episode 02

Episode 03

Episode 04

Episode 05

episode 06

episode 07

episode 08 (more…)

Engaging youth on radio drama for social advocacy

24 youth in the North were engaged in producing radio dramas for social advocacy. 15 radio dramas were produced, and aired through Thendral FM and Jaffna service. These radio dramas discussed women, co-existence, youth and local fishery issues.

01. Vittil Poochigal

02. Vilai Pohum Paasangal

03. Inaitha Kaigal

04.Kadal Pesum Kavithaigal

05. Oru Thai Makkal

06.Aval Oru Vidukathai

07.vidai kanaum Vinakal final

08.Kalagal Maralam Final

09.Thirai Kadalodi final

10. kudi vaaldha

Promoting Pluralistic Values Through Radio Dramas

18 youth were trained on using radio storytelling as a medium for change. These youth produced 10 dramas, which promoted pluralistic values such as diversity, respecting diversity and tolerance.

01.Kannanin Kathirai

02.Kalam Marinal

03.Naththar Thatha

04.Kawari Maan

05.Avar Than Anaal Avar Illai

06.Ippadiyum Aasir Wadaham

07.Shiva Enginra Mudhalali

08.Mamanum Maarinan

09.Oviyanin Kaviyam

10.Ahal Vilekku


Action and advocacy towards addressing issues faced by women in Sri Lanka – Phase II

In the second phase of this program, more than 20 Quazi’s (Judges of the Muslim personal Law Courts) were interviewed and 40 case studies of victim survivors were reviewed. Based on this, 20 radio dramas were created produced, calling attention towards gender based violence, women’s’ rights,  and how women find it hard to access justice.

01 Aduththa Adi

02 Megam Sudum

03 Panikkal

04 Scooty

05 Sub maar jaakkirathai

06 Anbhu

07 Palaa maram

08 Saththam Podatha valaiyal

09 Sila niyayankal

10 Thiruppu munai

Radio as a Tool for Advocacy

25 youth were trained on using media as a tool for social advocacy, and produced 15 dramas. These dramas discussed advocating the issues affecting Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), women migration, co-existence and local women issues in the North Eastern Province and aired island-wide on Thendral FM, which reached over 25,000 listeners

01.Kudi Vaaldhal

02.Shifana Oor Sarithiram

03.Mun Madhiri

04.Rail Ootiya Dandhavaalam

05.Cykal Otiya Saadhath

06.Ini Puthidu

07.Inru Inge Naalai Enge

08.Iratham Inge Onru Than


10.Man Vasam

11.Maru Manam

12.Naalai Veru Mugam (more…)

Action and advocacy towards addressing issues faced by women in Sri Lanka – Phase I

In the first phase of this program, 10 radio dramas calling for action and advocacy towards addressing issues faced by women in the North Eastern Province of Sri Lanka were produced. These dramas discussed various issues with regards to women, some of them being women discrimination, dowry, domestic violence, subordination, legal discrimination and gender based violence. These dramas were aired island-wide on Thendral and Thirai FM, and reached out to 20,000 listeners.

01.arthangal puriyatha anarthanga

02.Chinna chinna keeagala

03.doctor maapillai

04.ezuthi chellum kaigal


06.Kaayangal Innum

07.magalaai piranthu


09.Maunaththin punnagai (more…)

Nadum Veedum

Naadum Veedum is a collection of audio stories produced by SDJF for Viluthu Resource Centre, in order to create awareness in about key democratic values that matter in Civil Societies participating in the process of democratization and reconciliation.

01. 13th Amendment Law Const. of SL

02. 17th Amendment Law of Const. of SL

03. Amendment Law of Domestic Violence

04. Complete Education

05. Democracy and Political Party

06. Domestic Violence

07.Ethnicity and Politics


09.Important Of Women Participation in Politics

10.Land and Land Rights (more…)

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