Programme Areas

We have three major programme areas that are Media for Transformation, Community Media for Inclusive Development, and Training and Capacity Building.

Advocate for Democracy and Pluralism

Promoting gender equality and justice, ethnic and religious pluralism, gender-sensitive and active non-violence, democratic values and creative problem solving are some the areas being concentrated on upon under the program area called media for transformation. Engaging youth towards positive social change is yet another prominent area the Forum focuses on. Enhancing the skills of the youth around creative tools such as arts, culture, sports, drama and media, whereby facilitating their role as positive change agents, has been yet another major focus of the Forum. In addition, SDJF produces media content for several different media institutions under this program area.

Community media for inclusive development

SDJF is an expert in using different community media such as community radio, folk drama, street drama, forum theatre, digital storytelling, storytelling, etc. Addressing the voice poverty across regions, inviting civil society to participate in the process of democracy and enhancing the community media sector are some of the activities carried by the Forum under the programme area called community media for inclusion. Promoting freedom of expression, communicational rights of civil society, community media policy development and promoting Media and information literacy are given equal priority, too.

Training and capacity building

Training and capacity building is one of the unique programme units which is linked with two other programme areas such as Media for transformation and community media for inclusion and development. Radio for social advocacy, storytelling and social change, new media and participation, youth and pluralism, media and conflict transformation, community broadcasting, sport diplomacy and arts and culture for transformation are some of the thematic focuses in the training programme. SDJF has trained more than 300 youth on radio for social advocacy and more than 140 youth and pluralism.

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