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A country where there is no voice poverty in the civil society due to accountable use of media that facilitates positive social change and democratic values.

Be a professional facilitator of transformation with the use of media as a tool, strengthen community media, advocate democratic values and undertake training and capacity building.
Organizational Objectives

  1. To advocate democratic values, including social justice and equality, through the use of media.
  2. To facilitate positive transformation and inclusive development by strengthening the community media in Sri Lanka.
  3. Engage youth and women media workers in advocating the role of media in promoting equality and justice.
  4. To encourage the use of new technology to create a comprehensive macro environment for new media and accountability.
Organizational Values

  1. Diversity

    We believe that diversity is the universal truth and it feeds strength to life. Diversity enriches our programs, which in return, will enrich the people’s lives. Without believing and practicing in diversity, media cannot be a part of people and their development. Diversity in media and media in diversity give us a better world.

  2. Dialogue and exploring commonalities

    We make our media programs to be the forum for dialogue around any social conflict, and believe that our program should facilitate strong debates towards a common good. We strive to input peace and harvest connectivity. We are capable of transforming any social conflict with the media in hand.

  3. Engendering

    We trust that media cannot be a real tool to foster the positive changes in the Sri Lankan society until it adopts a gender sensitive approach and constantly engages with issues that affect women. We believe in equality, justice and Gender Sensitive Active-Non Violence (GSANV) too.

  4. Learning

    Learning makes us unique, while making our programs trustworthy. Furthermore, learning makes us believe in the future, and it will show us the changing dynamics of society as well as its needs for development.

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